a body of Christians serving Northern Utah, including Brigham City, Logan, Tremonton, and surrounding communities in Box Elder County and Cache County.
Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Thursday, January 18, 2018
Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ

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Jan 14, 2018 Lists? God Has His Too! Dave Sauer
Dec 31, 2017 Resolutions and Slumber Dave Sauer
Dec 17, 2017
Dave Sauer
Dec 10, 2017 Joy is Our True Home Dave Sauer
Dec 3, 2017 Home is Where We Meet Dave Sauer
Nov 26, 2017 Come Down Home: A Message of Hope Dave Sauer
Nov 5, 2017 Clothing of the Saints Dave Sauer
Oct 28, 2017 Celebrate Reformation 500! Dave Sauer
Oct 15, 2017 Gratitude Makes a Difference Dave Sauer
Oct 8, 2017 What Has Happened to Our Nation? Dave Sauer
Oct 1, 2017 Technical Difficulties - No Sermon this morning  
Sept 24, 2017 Moving in Your Gifts and Ministries Dave Sauer
Sept 17, 2017
NOTE: This sermon has numerous points of dead space / low volume
due to audience participation / passing around a microphone
Dave Sauer
Sept 10, 2017 What Are Your Gifts and Ministries for the Body of Christ? Dave Sauer
Sept 3, 2017 Trouble Is Transportation Janell McFall
Aug 27, 2017 It's Always Best To Start At the Beginning Dave Sauer
Aug 20, 2017 Just Exactly What is Prayer and Fasting?? Dave Sauer
Aug 13, 2017 What Are God's Expectations for the Church and Us? Dave Sauer
July 30, 2017 Forgiveness! Who Cares? Dave Sauer
July 23, 2017 Hearing the Small Still Voice of the Spirit Dave Sauer
July 16, 2017 Would You Recognize Jesus? Well, Would You??? Dave Sauer
July 9, 2017 Salt of the Earth. How's Your Walk? Look in the Mirror! Dave Sauer
July 2, 2017 Installation Service for Dave Sauer - No Sermon  
June 25, 2017 Church in the Park  
June 18, 2017 No sermon - technical difficulties  
June 11, 2017 Not Made to Sit Rev. Mac McGrew
June 4, 2017 Removing the Lightning Rod Rev. Mac McGrew
May 28, 2017 Scheduling Problems Rev. Mac McGrew
May 21, 2017 An Eight-Word Mission Statement Rev. Mac McGrew
May 14, 2017 A Haven For troubled Souls Rev. Mac McGrew
May 7, 2017 To What Church Would Jesus Belong? Rev. Mac McGrew
Apr 30, 2017 When Jesus Drops In Rev. Mac McGrew
Apr 23, 2017 Thomas Rev. Mac McGrew
Apr 16, 2017 No Memorials Needed Rev. Mac McGrew
Apr 9, 2017 No sermon - technical difficulties  
Apr 2, 2017 The Hidden Teachings in John Rev. Marv Vose
Mar 26, 2017 I Once Was Blind And Maybe I Still Am Rev. Mac McGrew
Mar 19, 2017 The Ahh Effect Rev. Mac McGrew
Mar 12, 2017 Abram and Lucy Rev. Mac McGrew
Mar 5, 2017 The Devil's Clickbait Rev. Mac McGrew
Feb 26, 2017 Step By Step Rev. Mac McGrew
Feb 19, 2017 Revenge Fantasies Rev, Mac McGrew
Feb 12, 2017 Promises Rev. Mac McGrew
Feb 5, 2017 Peer Pressure from the Pharisees Rev. Mac McGrew
Jan 29, 2017 From Great to Good Rev. Mac McGrew
Jan 22, 2017 Late Light Rev. Mac McGrew
Jan 15, 2017 The Happiness of Being Dirty Rev. Mac McGrew
Jan 8, 2017 No Sermon - Technical Difficulties (Sorry!)  
Jan 1, 2017 The Fourth King Rev. Mac McGrew
Dec 25, 2016 No church today - Merry Christmas!  
Dec 18, 2016 All I Want for Christmas is a Savior Rev. Mac McGrew
Dec. 11, 2016 All I Want for Christmas is Joy Rev. Mac McGrew
Dec. 4, 2016 All I Want for Christmas is Peace Rev. Mac McGrew
Nov 27, 2016 All I want for Christmas is Hope Rev. Mac McGrew
Nov 20, 2016 Money Matters Rev. Mac McGrew
Nov 13, 2016 Smooth Operator Rev. Mac McGrew
Nov 6, 2016 The Meaning of Money Rev. Mac McGrew
Oct 30, 2016
Link to Spotlight on Mission / Ministry on the Margins Video: Here 
Rev. Marv Vose
Oct 23, 2016 The "Last Year" test Rev. Mac McGrew
Oct 16, 2016 Kindling the Presence of God Rev. Mac McGrew
Oct 09, 2016 Technical Difficulties (but AV folks in town)  
Oct 02, 2016 AV folks out of town - no sermon  
Sep 25, 2016 No Big Regrets Rev. Mac McGrew
Sep 18, 2016 Fruit Puddine, Bred Spred, and Jesus Rev. Mac McGrew
Sep 11, 2016 Only in the Gospels Rev. Mac McGrew
Sep 4, 2016 Trying Childhood Rev. Mac McGrew
Aug 28, 2016 The Humility Hall of Fame Rev. Mac McGrew
Aug 21, 2016 Jesus - Drops the Mic Rev. Mac McGrew
Aug 14, 2016 The Hyperloop Path Rev. Mac mcGrew
Aug 7, 2016 Blessed Are Those Who Are Awake Rev. Mac McGrew
July 31, 2016 Your Spiritual Emoji Rev. Mac McGrew
July 24, 2016 Rethinking the Lord's Prayer Rev. Mac McGrew
July 17, 2016 Balancing Mary and Martha Rev. Mac McGrew
July 10, 2016 Rate My Service Rev. Mac McGrew
July 3, 2016 Hydrochromatic Healing Rev. Mac McGrew