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Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Friday, November 15, 2019
Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ

Sermon Series

During our Sunday Worship Gatherings, Pastor Andy shares a 20-25 minute long message examining a specific passage from the Bible and applying the message to daily life today. Most of these sermons happen as part of sermon series exploring a book or books of the Bible, or a specific topic. Here, you can learn more about the current series and previous series, and listen to a few examples of sermons from each series.
Culture Collisions: Stories from the Book of Acts (April-August 2013)
Acts is the only book of the New Testament that describes the early days of the church. The book starts off with Jesus leaving his mission to his followers, and then ascending into heaven; we then see how the faith grows from a small group gathered in an upper room to a global movement. Throughout Acts, we see God breaking cultural boundaries of all kinds, bringing people together to follow him.
Worth listening to:
"Scattered!" (May 12, 2013)
"Making it Difficult" (July 7, 2013)
 Living an Alien Lifestyle: Lessons from First Peter (Lenten Series: February-March 2013)
The letter of First Peter was written to first century Christians living under the threat of persecution because of their faith. In this book of the New Testament, we see that to be a follower of Christ, we must live as aliens in the world - but God sustains us through the trial.
Worth listening to:
"Submit to One Another" (March 3, 2013)
"Stay Faithful in Trial" (March 24, 2013)
 Hark! Responding to Angels (Advent Series: December 2012)
Matthew and Luke are the two gospel authors who describe the birth of Jesus, and both of them share stories of angels appearing to various characters in the story. When we look at the different responses to the appearance of angels, we see very different reactions: incredulous denial, quiet acceptance, and so on. How do we respond when God speaks to us?
Worth listening to:
"Herod: The Absence of Angels" (December 16, 2012 - a response to the Sandy Hook massacre)
 Mighty Words of Minor Prophets (July-October 2012, January-February 2013)
The minor prophets (also collectively called "The Book of the Twelve) are the last twelve books of the Old Testament. The name may make them sound insignificant, but the only reason they are considered "minor" is because they are short in length - the message of each of these books remains relevant today. We looked at all twelve of these books, examining the historical background and seeing how their messages apply to the world today.
Worth listening to: 
Occasionally, we take a break from a sermon series and instead acknowledge a special occasion through the sermon. 
Worth listening to:
"Christ the King Sunday" (November 25, 2012 - celebrating the final day of the liturgical year)
"Why We Boast" (May 19, 2013 - celebrating Aldersgate's 50th anniversary)
You can find more sermons (including sermons preached by guest speakers and our previous pastor, Dave Hiester) on our Sermons page.